FINAL Weekly NEWS for June 10 - 11, 2024

It is hard to believe this is our final weekly update for the 2023 - 24 school as we have so many wonderful things to celebrate from this school year as a Welby Way family.

BALLROOM DANCE - First, I would like to congratulate our 4th and 5th grade ballroom finalists as they took 1st place for both grades and were awarded several medals for individual students yesterday at Taft High School.   I am so extremely proud of them as they demonstrated their talent, determination, and bravery. This was an incredible year for all ballroom students as the teachers had the most difficult time selecting students because there were so many talented students trying out.  Thank you students, teachers, and families for your hard work and support with this program as it really provides our students to grow on so many levels.  

5th Grade Culmination - Tomorrow is another one of our memorable celebrations as our 5th students culminate from Welby Way.  The Magnet celebration will begin at 8:30 am and Resident/Charter at 10:30 am.  Families will enter through the front gate and gates will open 10 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.   In order to help the ceremonies run smoothly I ask the following of our families:

-When finding your seat, please be sure that you do not have balloons or any similar items that would block the families behind or around you.  Balloons may be stored in your car or along the back cafeteria wall.

-Please do not block walkways or the families behind or around you when taking photos.  There will be backdrop/photo area set up in front of the school and plenty of opportunities for families to take photos during and after the ceremony.

-Magnet families please be sure to exit shortly after the ceremony so the magnet ceremony may begin on time.

-If you are taking your child home or bringing a Welby sibling to the ceremony, you must sign out your child out in the office.  Siblings are not permitted to participate without being withdrawn from class and may not be picked up directly from the classroom by a parent.  Thank you for your consideration with this.  

-Lastly, I hope you all enjoy the ceremony as our amazing Welby Way teachers and students have worked extremely hard to make this a positive, memorable, and incredible event and school year for all.  Thank you for your support.

Kindergarten Bridging - I also look forward to celebrating our Kindergarten students at 8:30 am on Tuesday as they prepare bridge onto 1st grade in August. Family members will enter the front gate for the ceremony and gates will open 10 minutes prior to the start.   The students have been working hard to show you all their growth this school year.  I ask that you remember to follow the same procedures as the 5th grade culmination listed above. 

-Participating siblings must be checked out from the office and may not be picked up from the classroom by a parent. 

-Please do not block the isles or families behind or around you when taking photos of your children. 

-If you are taking home your child following the ceremony, you must sign your child out from the office. 

Thank you for your consideration with this..

Dismissal - Monday's dismissal will be a minimum day at 12:35 pm and Tuesday will be regular 1:30 pm dismissal.   Please be sure to make arrangements to pick up your child on time as the main office is not able to hold children not picked up on time.  Thank you.

Our final day of the 2023 - 24 school year will be Tuesday.  School will resume for the 2024 -25 school year on Monday, August 12th with our Back to School Social/Meet and Greet scheduled for Friday, August 9th with more information to come regarding submitting our annual Back to School packet and times.

I hope you all have a wonderful remainder of the weekend and evening.  I truly thank you all for your support, partnership, and the amazing gift of your child this school year.   Though it has been a fast school year, it has truly been an extremely rewarding one at the same time with so many positive memories.   Have a good evening and this is all for now.