Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement:

At Welby Way, students are passionate about learning. We strive to inspire students to seek deep, meaningful understanding; to develop strong academic skills adaptable to the needs of the 21st century; become creative, critical, and independent thinkers; cultivate perseverance, initiative, responsibility, and respect; and establish a growth mindset, habits of mind, and scholarly behavior.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to provide differentiated instruction, research-based instructional strategies, enrichment programs, and interventions that address the social, emotional, and academic needs of the whole child. Our teachers align pedagogy, curriculum and the learning environment in order to reach a child’s full potential. Most importantly, Welby Way expects and encourages students to take responsibility and accountability as active participants in their own learning and in doing so recognize their role in their world. Our highest priorities revolve around the central belief that each student is fully capable of becoming a productive and influential member of society.
What we Value:
  • Emphasize multidisciplinary, project-based learning that enables students to make real-life connections, ask essential questions, and think conceptually.
  • Utilize hands-on, investigative learning that assists students to problem solve, think critically, and make meaning of the world around.
  • Incorporate the arts throughout the curriculum and studies its importance throughout history and its role establishing a culture.
  • Provide authentic opportunities for students to effectively utilize all forms of communication.
  • Use technology to apply knowledge and create original work as a means of personal and group expression.
  • Emphasize a growth mindset, habits of mind, and scholarly behaviors for all.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders and problem solves with shared decision-making.
  • Provide opportunities for all stakeholders to model continuous learning and intellectual growth.
  • Expect integrity, teamwork, cooperation, positive relationships, and a genuine home-school connection.
  • Develop community partnerships to connect students to the real world.