Magnet Program

About our program...
Welby Way Magnet is located on Welby Way's resident and charter campus. We have approximately 500 students in our program with families who live across the San Fernando Valley. Bus transportation is provided by LAUSD to any qualifying student who lives more than two miles from the school or outside the magnet school attendance boundary, whichever is further. Transportation determines all eligibility and routing. Our school serves grades 1st-5th.
Who can attend?
All students living in the LAUSD boundaries are eligible to attend our magnet program. However, only students who are verified or identified as gifted/high ability or highly gifted may attend Welby Way Magnet. All students applying require verification of specific eligibility criteria for selection.
How can my child be verified?
To meet gifted/high ability criteria a student must meet all four critical thinking and problem-solving skills:
  1. Explain meanings or relationships among facts, information or concepts that demonstrate depth and complexity.
  2. Formulate new ideas or solutions and elaborate on the information.
  3. Use alternative methods in approaching new or unfamiliar mathematical problems.
  4. Use extensive vocabulary easily and accurately to express creative ideas.
The student's current school principal will determine verification.
Student scored in the Standard Exceeded range on the last Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC) or received a national percentile score of 85% or above on a District-approved standardized norm-referenced test in both English Language and Mathematics (most recent year only).
Be identified as gifted by a LAUSD School Psychologist in intellectual, high achievement, or specific academic ability categories.
How to Apply for the Magnet Program
  • The magnet application process is called eCHOICES and is available online at LAUSD Unified Enrollment beginning in early October.  On-time applications are generally due by mid-November. 
  • All applicants must reside within the boundaries of LAUSD at the time of the application and while participating in a Magnet.
Selection of Students for the Magnet Program
The magnet program is a court-ordered voluntary integration program. Due to a limited number of available spaces, students must apply by completing and returning the magnet application called eChoices. Each student is assigned a number of priority magnet points. The selection is then made by a random selection weighted by the PRIORITY POINTS.
If you are interested in applying to Welby Way Magnet, we highly encourage you to attend one of our tour dates.