Charter School

Welby Way is an LAUSD Affiliated Chart School
Affiliated charter schools are semi-autonomous district schools with instructional program flexibility to meet the needs of a diverse student population. Anyone outside of the resident attendance boundary can apply.
If Welby Way is NOT your School of Residence, you can apply through our CHARTER Lottery:
STEP 1 - Complete the application on eChoices Online.
The application period begins October 3 - November 18 for the following school year.
Visit Unified Enrollment "Choices" application during this application window.
Read more about your choices at LAUSD UNIFIED ENROLLMENT WEBSITE.
Note: Families who are not accepted, or miss the 11/18 deadline, may submit a late application to be placed on the waitlist. The CHOICES late application window opens in February.
STEP 2 - Lottery Process
  • The lottery will be held live or via Zoom at Welby Way Charter Elementary in February and shall provide the following admission preferences, in the stated order of priority:
    1. LAUSD Students have first priority.
    2. Siblings - Prospective students who...
      • (a) are siblings of students enrolled in grades TK - 4 at Welby Way at the time of the lottery AND
      • (b) reside within LAUSD boundaries, but not within the attendance boundaries of Welby Way Charter Elementary, shall have second admission preference
  • Other LAUSD Students - All other prospective students who reside within LAUSD boundaries, but not within the attendance boundaries shall have third admission preference.
  • Students who participate in the lottery, but are not selected for enrollment will be placed on a waitlist in the same priority order as above. As seats become available, we will contact you.
  • If you filed a late application, you will not be a part of the lottery list. You will be on a waiting list in the order that you applied.
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